Yuen Energetics Healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis

For some of you who are about to read what is to follow in this post, you are going to feel bizarre about the stuffs I’m writing. I’m feeling bizarre too that I’m actually doing this. Some of you may be able to resonate with these but some of you may dismiss this as hocus pocus, nonsense or whatever that crosses your mind, but I promise that I’m going to share this with people who are interested to learn about my journey towards reversing and healing my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

Remembering that I was traveling, alone (for the first time since diagnosis with RA 3 years ago), to Singapore to attend an energy medicine workshop, it was a course on Yuen Energetics.

Body Mind SpiritI’m going to say that most of my readers have most likely not even heard of this before. Neither did I until I was first introduced to it by my naturopathic physician early this year. I was wondering what could be the reason that I was feeling basically good, physically – drastic improvements with no or less pain and without any drugs or medications – but my latest blood work I’d in March had not been showing any improvements when I was actually hoping to see clinical remission (since I’ve basically felt recovered to a great extent). She had me re-tested on bio-resonance machine, did several muscle testing and other works and reasoned that foods/diet was not really troubling me anymore, at least not as much than before. Except for a few items (such as banana, honey, caffeine, brussels sprout, etc) that showed up on the result as ‘mildly allergic’, I am basically cleared for most food substances including common offending foods such as dairy, gluten, rice, soy, etc. We worked on more tests to determine the possible reasons behind this and decided that I may need to work more on the ’emotional’ or ‘mind body’ aspect of the RA. I’m fairly new to this concept and, of course, to the newly introduced energy medicine principles of Yuen Energetics. But, having faith that this might be the answer to the many questions I seek, I decided to follow the destiny and the road that is leading me on my journey for answers to RA remission. Without much hesitation, I joined the Yuen workshop.

The lessons of Yuen Energetics are abundant. Today, I’ll briefly touch on what it is about, its origin and also, very briefly, a shortened session covering the kind of stuffs that I’m working on myself with its principle for my issues with RA. With this background on my seeming fate with Yuen Energetics, this is the origin of Yuen Energetics.

Discovery of Yuen

Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin grandmaster and creator of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, is the modern day equivalent of the ancient martial arts healing masters of the Shaolin Temple. The ‘Shaolin’ name has been taken from the 1,500 year-old Shaolin Temple in the Northern China. This is where the many of the basic concepts of human energy, exercise and martial arts were discovered and developed by generations of Shaolin grandmasters.

Kam YuenAnyway, his training began early in his childhood in Hong Kong. As a young man he mastered Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Praying Mantis, Seven Star Mantis and Qigong. During his training he developed an innate ability to detect and use energetic weaknesses in his opponents to his advantage. This talent brought him legendary fame in the Western World of Martial Arts.

His martial art career changed dramatically when he discovered that he could redirect his ability to find an opponent’s energetic weakness from an attack during battle to heal the individual by transforming their energetic weakness into a strength to eliminate pain. He discovered the healing process from his master teacher who had an unconsciousness healing talent.  This discovery, in combination with his own  innovative concepts and principles of energetic corrections lead to the creation of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine.

Energy and Yuen Energetics

A balanced Qi or Chi is the foundation or tool of Yuen Energetics. In other word, if the energy is circulating freely within the body, our mind and body will remain strong, fluid and stable. Yuen Energetics allows one to acquire the ability to interpret energy changes that allow one to identify the numerous unknowns and less obvious causes of pain that lead to dysfunctions and ailments by identifying weaknesses. This is similar to the concept of using muscle testing to identify underlying weaknesses, except on a more advanced level, where with practice, we will learn to ‘tune in’ to what is going on mentally.

With Yuen, we accept that anything and everything can be the foundation for abnormal functions whether we like to believe them to be the culprits or not. Some of these may include limitations, relationships, traumas, past experiences, fears, karmas and so forth.

In terms of pain, physical pain, whilst is felt in many parts of the body – joints, muscles, etc – these musculo-skeletal problems are the result of pain and not cause of pain, which may be referred by other parts of the body, the mind or events outside of ourselves. Therefore, pain is seemed as the nature’s way of telling us that something needs to be changed in the present state of being, probably on any of these dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and/or spiritual.

As in all healing, from a Yuen’s perspective it helps to facilitate the body, mind and spirit in their potential to return to its natural and original state of health, that is, the state of homeostasis.

A Brief Yuen Session with Myself on RA

How do I test for an energetic weakness and self correct for that weakness? With Yuen, the frequently asked questions are usually binary or multiple-choice-style questions, most commonly being “Is the energy strong or weak?”, “where is the weakness coming from?”, “is it internal or external?”, “is the pain localized or referred?” and so on. I shall leave this explanation to the pioneer of the Yuen Method, Dr Kam Yuen, himself in the YouTube video below about how to make an energetic correction.


Below are just some of the issues that I’d worked on earlier with Yuen:


Physical components

  • Weakness in synovial fluid and the synovium that surrounds the joint. Also working on strengthening the bones, tendon and ligaments, connective fibers/tissues, blood, cartilage and collagen.
  • Correction to increase alkalinity pH and decrease acidity pH.
  • Lymphatic system also tested weak. Lymphatic slowness/stoppage leading the body to experience beginning of infection/infestation and preventing clearance of inflammation/sluggishness. Each component of lymphatic system – lymph nodes, lymph fluid, lymph channels, lymph duct and lymph center strengthened to 100% potential.
  • Relationship of lymph to kidney, liver, large intestine and urinary bladder, as well as salivary glands, sweat glands and lungs also strengthened.
  • Cellular stagnation – the slowing down of circulation of energy and body fluids – also caused by the blockage in lymphatic system corrected.


Collective Consciousness

  • Disconnect from the collective consciousness of all the information relating to RA and strengthen to this collective consciousness and playing into the energy field of people providing these information. I want to stay as neutral as possible to this collective consciousness as any of these information received may consciously or subconsciously play the effects of placebo or nocebo into the mind.

Past Experiences

  • Tested weak on past experience. The history of being diagnosed as RA and the expectation of having it for life weakened the mental energy. Reset Mind, Body & Spirit to be 100% strong to the past experiences of being diagnosed and having it.
  • Also weak on the expectation of having RA suddenly one day. Weak to that it may one day came as well to it may one day, go away. Strengthen and Reset to the ease and effortlessness and possibility that the RA may one day disappear/go away and that it is totally okay and acceptable that this to happen. So, strengthening myself to the expectation of not having it.
  • The energetic weakness of the experience of the ‘first moment’ of having RA in the memory. Strengthen to the moment of having it and Delete this very energetic weakness to this memory from energy cells of the body to zero and minus infinity.

Limiting Beliefs

  • Limiting beliefs tested weak. These came from self-imposed limitation as well as those caused by connecting with others who hold fast to limiting beliefs that play into my energy field. The self imposed limiting beliefs of “RA is a serious disease and cannot be cured”, “I can never get well or get better”, “Why is it so difficult to move another level forward with the healing process?” as well as the effects of other people’s minds/perceptions/beliefs that are weakening my emotions. Delete these limiting beliefs, disconnect from other people’s limiting beliefs and Strengthen and Reset the Body, Mind & Spirit to the series of removal and strengthening and amplify the innate ability of the body to tune in to the healing and regeneration effortlessly and with ease; including the physical regeneration of the body tissues, glands, cells, and molecules to be more evenly strong all the way up to the complete entire body structure.

Perceptions/Judgment of Self & Others

  • Relationship with self need some strengthening and correction on some fronts – self criticism, helplessness, seclusion, resentment, grief and feeling less worthy.
  • Eliminate to become free and independent of the memories of pain, burning sensation, swelling, inflammation and discomfort caused by RA as well as any residuals, remnants and imprints of these memories and mental memories of thinking, talking, touching and moving it. Release, Protect and Strengthen.
  • Attachment was also tested weak. People tend to get so attached to things or any issues or incidents. On a subconscious level, I’d in one way or another, be attached to RA. The affinity also comes from my identity with RA. The identity of always attaching myself with RA and being the owner and founder of MyRADiary blog and related social media platforms as well as in all other aspects of life. Strengthen myself to the accepting and knowing that there is really not much I need to hold onto and all the accolades and signs that I carry, do not mean much and it’s time to let go of this attachment and identity. Strengthen myself also to the realisation that I can still offer help and all the things that I’m doing/sharing even if I no longer have RA; and it’s totally okay to let go of it.
  • Finally, I deleted my expectation of the time needed for healing. Everyone believes that healing must take a certain amount of time and this is another collective humanity concept indoctrinated into my subconscious mind. So, the time expectation weakness deleted and strengthened and compressed to “now” – “I can heal now”, removing the unnecessary delays and negative expectation of time in healing process.

Strengthening of the following energetically weakening emotions:

Accumulative Stress

  • Accumulative stress from not doing enough to get better
  • Accumulative stress from giving out to others and having no time for myself and my well being
  • Strengthen and Delete the past experiences of feeling stressed in life – career and high demanding job, being a mother and expectation of me as a woman and my role as a mother, miscarriage trauma and stress, stress of having to deal with expectations of others about how RA affects or changes me as a person.
  • Disconnect the sensation of pain to stress.


  • Guilt was also tested weak on emotional energy level and the weakness came from feeling guilty towards not doing enough for myself and my loved ones. Guilty for the reason of RA, my family is deprived of a lot in life that we can otherwise enjoy had I not have RA. Guilty for being sorry towards myself, my husband, my two children as well as the lost child, whom never make it to the world. And, also, the guilt of bringing upon such sadness that triggered the onset of the RA. Strengthen to having and not having these guilts and delete the weaknesses on the emotional energy level, and Reset Mind, Body & Spirit to the series of corrections and removals.
  • Next, correction on the guilt of having so many guilts. And, also, the guilt of having no guilt when I’m having pain-free days, and when I’m having no sadness.


  • Fear of using my hands and wrists, of moving them, of them being hurt; and these came from loss of freedom, loss of freedom in time, space and movements, and the feeling that both hands are being tied up by the weakening thoughts of RA and restrictions in resources.
  • Fear of failure. This came from constant excellence achieved throughout the life and zero/minimal experience of failures in life. The fear of facing up to failures that leads to procrastination and fear of the unknown, fear of fear, as well as, fear of dealing with the past, present and future.
  • Strengthen and Reset Mind, Body & Spirit to the presence of fear, which always happen as long as one is alive; and to the tenacity, composure, endurance, courage, faith, confidence, purpose, patience, physical aliveness, action and regeneration in all my bodily cells, atoms, molecules and all quantum level all the way up and be free, independent, released as well as be protected from these fears. Also, strengthening to the triad of Past, Present & Future.

limiting belief


  • Insecurity also tested weak. Funny, it came about weak because of the resistance of going back to work. And it was about working the typical 8-to-5 rat-race kind of job that energetically weakened the insecurity and hence, the attachment to the RA. It probably does make sense that if I know that I have recovered from RA or in remission, I’d have to return to workforce and this probably holds back the release of the remnants or any residuals of RA, probably in the blood work.
  • Strengthen to my values and free will about career and choices – enterprising, time freedom, and creative solutions that will work towards these values of finding the right/appropriate career that no longer contradicts the desired lifestyle. Delete whatever expectations I’ve remaining of me regarding career choices that I’ve to make to satisfy others and disconnect career expectations others have of me.


  • Tiredness also needed strengthening to the reverse and effects of these tiredness deleted.
  • Tired about having RA and also the very thought of having it and of it making my life miserable.
  • Tired of crying, being sad, being worthless, being not normal but looks normal, being alone, being angry, being crazy sometimes, being self pity, being self criticism, pretending and trying to be strong or weak, being stuck, not being able to take back the past, being in the present state, being incomplete, missing out, needing help, needing company, dreaming of a life that can no longer be fulfilled, and also, being tired to feeling tired all the times.


  • Finally, inability to forgive. The many situations where I need to forgive myself and others and have not been able to do so. Whilst everyone makes mistakes, it has been a struggle to forgive our own mistakes and all those of others. Unforgiveness does not make the offending party sick. It makes me sick.
  • Strengthen my ability to forgive myself and others for my own benefit. To forgive myself for allowing the other party to affect my health and happiness. Forgive the other party of any harm he/she has caused me. To allow the other party permission to forgive me. To be thankful for the experience and lesson it has taught me and to see the good and positive in the situation, event and circumstance. And finally, strengthening to be more deserving of happiness. In every situation. Anywhere, everywhere, anytime, everytime. My Mind, Body & Spirit reset and resolved.

So, do I feel that I’m healed at the end of each session? I can absolutely feel the ‘shift’ but I cannot attest to myself being healed because I’m still a work in progress. [A side note, Dr Kam Yuen, does not use the word ‘healing’ this day because in his opinion, there is nothing to heal from in the first place (Well, this concept is still way beyond my comprehension for now).] This is a process. A learning process. I do not get too concerned with still being tested weak on many dimensions because as I work more on the energetic weaknesses, more will surface in time to be cleared.

Hand on Body Mind SpiritThe powerful principle of Yuen removes any expectations and emphasizes on the art of ‘neutrality’, which is  a pre-requisite for doing anything in Yuen. Paradoxically, the more neutral you are about your healing results, the better results you tend to get. In fact, neutrality is extremely liberating and enlightening on a personal level.

Yuen Method or Yuen Energetics is a simple and yet advanced practice of energy medicine and energy psychology. It supports the popular families of holistic health practices such Reiki, EFT, Matrix Energetics, hypnotherapy, quantum jumping, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and other methods. By applying Yuen principles simultaneous, practitioners of other methods usually see same results with themselves or clients in a much shorter time.

On a final note, I do understand that if you cannot resonate with any of these and do not think that they even matter in terms of working on your RA, do not be concerned by it. I cannot make it clearer that this is a protocol that I’ve chosen to work on myself and these specific issues are MY issues to work with, not anyone else’s. If you, perhaps, can resonate with these and identify one or more similar issues that are also matter or are relevant to you, then by all means, work on it using your energy medicine modality. Let’s say, if you work with EFT, then try tapping on some of these issues. Just give it a try!  What is the worst thing that can happen? Nothing.

9 Comments on Yuen Energetics Healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. Joanna
    July 23, 2013 at 4:32 am (10 years ago)

    Hi Diana! Thanks for this post. I absolutely resonate with a lot of the emotions that you’ve shared, especially around motherhood and how RA has impacted motherhood (and how motherhood has impacted RA, actually, as well). Anyway, I’m curious now that you’ve identified these issues, how do you go about releasing them? Or strengthening the energy in those areas I guess? I’m just not sure, from a practical standpoint, what to do next… Thanks in advance!

    • diana
      July 23, 2013 at 10:16 am (10 years ago)

      If you learn any forms of energy medicines, as long as you identify similar issues, you can work on these issues with any modalities that you’ve learned before. In Yuen, energetic correction is made based on the ‘Mid-line’ principle as described in the YouTube video by Dr Yuen. And to assess whether it is properly done/resolved, it’s best you muscle test for weakness before and after, so that you be convinced that it is in fact a weakness and it has been corrected. Once corrected, energetically, it will not bother you anymore. In my opinion, this is a more advanced form of energy medicine. If you are new to energy medicine, I’d recommend you start using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I’ve covered 4 mini-series of EFT on my blog which you can check out. Similarly, before you start tapping away, tune in to the issue, give it a rating out of 10, on how much you’re bothered by it or how much the pain is related by this issue. Then perform the tapping using the sequence and end with positive affirmations. Here is the link to part 1 of the mini series: http://www.myradiary.com/856/clearing-your-rheumatoid-arthritis-related-allergies-and-emotions-with-emotional-freedom-technique-eft-part-1. At the end of each session, ask yourself again, what is the rating now? If it’s still high, then probe further. It will take times to learn and master but as you progress, the hidden issues will surface. And anything that surfaces while you work on it, are most likely energetically weakening. So tap it away as it comes. Good luck with trying.

  2. Bev Siddons
    July 25, 2013 at 1:47 am (10 years ago)

    Diana, I love this post. I’m currently researching energy healing myself–studying Chakra energy healing. I am finding results with my own work in this area, so your post definitely resonated with me. I think we need to have open minds and strong spirituality when dealing with any chronic illness, and I absolutely believe in our body’s ability to heal itself, or, perhaps, our energy field to release those blocks that have led to our current illnesses. I’m will anxiously await your progress.

    • diana
      July 25, 2013 at 8:46 am (10 years ago)

      That’s wonderful. I’ve briefly heard of Chakras, find it really interesting, but I’ll probably learn that in due course, not now. It’s also covered touched on in the Yuen course, but since the Yuen is a more advanced course, it kinda presumes that most would have already understood the basic concept of it. Anyway, I think it’s best we stick with one modality and work on it. I do become aware that there are some transcripts available for energy work for say, fitness, finance and relationship which gathers the many hours of work and made available for sale that you can work on. It’ll be great if we can find one for RA, don’t you agree?

  3. Meena
    July 25, 2013 at 10:49 am (10 years ago)

    Hey it’s amazing to know you have found a path towards feeling better. I reason ate with alternative therapies as well.. Co incidentally, I have been doing some reading ( you can heal your life by Lousia Hay) using alternative medicine (ancient indian ayurveda) and combining it with meditation. Again it’s work in progress. I do not believe doctors who say this isn’t curable anymore. Lets hope that we have something to share with others when we really get back to normal lives again. I am inspired and strengthend further by reading the above.

    • diana
      July 25, 2013 at 4:35 pm (10 years ago)

      Yes, Meena. My shipment of Louise Hay’s book also just arrived, but I havent had the time to read through yet. I’ll be amazed by what emotions she will mention about RA. I do concur with you about not allowing myself into all those ‘beliefs’ the doctors are making us to believe. Our body is totally capable of healing but if our mind is separable from the body in terms of what it believes in, how can healing take place in the first place? Therefore, I’m increasingly inclined that to get well, it is necessary to trust, believe and have faith that our body and mind, spirit as a whole are capable of doing that, only then, our body down to the very cells can vibrate/act to perpetuate the regeneration. All the best to your healing journey and please keep updating your progress as you work on it. I love to hear from you again, Meena. I’m feeling so strongly about the future, a better future, you’re working towards.

  4. Lorilyn
    July 25, 2013 at 9:17 pm (10 years ago)

    I totally agree with what you have written about. My brother who is a naturopathic doctor also has one of these machines. He also has an NES machine which is a similar type of thing. Energy and energetic healing is the only way to go. I have been using the NES for most of ten years and I do not have much joint damage and may not even have RA at all. All I can say is that Yuen Energetics Healing is probably the best way to go from here for many people to be cured from RA. Thanks for sending and posting all of this

    • diana
      July 26, 2013 at 10:55 am (10 years ago)

      You are welcome, Lorilyn. I’m interested in this NES machine. Any idea if this is applicable for practitioner only? A typical bioresonance machine will roughly cost around U$10k. Not sure where I can get a cheaper one. I was reading on a post by a Yuen practitioner and what he said kept me thinking. He said something like this: there are so much concerns about the foods we are eating today. Why not we make ourselves energetically strong to these foods such as MSG, gluten, GMO etc such that there is no need for worries about how they may contribute to the many AI diseases nowadays? Interesting, isn’t it? When Dr Yuen initially created the Yuen principles, he was still using the language such as ‘healing’ but nowadays, he’s not using this language anymore because he is of belief that there’s nothing to heal from in the first place; it’s all about energies that are serving or weakening us. Profound (I’m still not at that stage of comprehension just yet). Soon, hopefully~

  5. danimal
    May 14, 2014 at 10:39 pm (10 years ago)

    hi thanks for taking the time to write this up

    your writeup of yuen’s introduction to energy healing implied that he was able to make them stronger or relieve pain without talking to them (or at least that’s what i inferred). I’ve seen videos or heard of energy healers healing without the need to talk to the client. Why is it that in your case and many others it’s not so simple as having someone pour their energy into you to heal, and instead it’s so intricate.

    thanks D


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