Can You Ever Recover from Rheumatoid Arthritis? The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer

When Life has You Paralyzed, Find the Courage to Transform It
I can totally understand the paralysis of a Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)sufferer – one that questions if you will ever have a life of your own again, one that you dearly attach to before RA entered into your life. The kind of experience that both you and I have endured separates us from those dreams we have yet to realise, we are so beaten down physically and emotionally.

For a long moment, I focus on my life and I cannot help but feel that I have been punished with a death sentence. I was paralyzed for life! This degenerative arthritis pain feels like forever. My hands and feet hurt all the time, at their worst, the pain was so unbearable that I dreaded the first moment of my feet touching the floor every morning I woke up from bed. I felt frustrated all the time because of what I cannot do with my painful joints and most of the time, I was very angry at myself. I kept saying to myself that I am a very good and kind person. Illnesses, tragedies and anything bad weren’t supposed to happen to me, but to those bad, selfish, horrible people out there. I have always yearned for everything beautiful in life, happiness, success, romances, fun and healthy living.

One day, I decided that I had enough and asked myself: do I really just want to dwell onto the past and stop looking forward and see how I should live so my life really matters? How can I move forward if I keep circling in the question of why things happen when they shouldn’t? My mind is clear. I know I have to stand up from where I fall down.

I began listening to motivational and inspirational DVDs to get over my negativity and in seek of new strength and new empowering beliefs. And I had a pleasant surprise! I felt enlightened about being ‘responsible’ for our life significance and satisfaction despite the challenges, uncertainties and struggles we will constantly face. There is no magic formula in life, and the ingredient to looking for an answer of cure lies with finding the courage within me to transform how I am living each moment of my life for everything it’s worth – my compelling future.

Overcome your Paralysis and Make the Impossible Probable
There is always room for thinking bigger, pushing limits and imagining the impossible if you can:
1. Forget the past and focus on your future
2. Look to change yourself rather than looking for someone to blame
3. Know that you are courageous and capable of making changes
4. Problem is there because it’s what you do not do
5. Overcome your limiting beliefs
6. Learn to fail but never fail to learn
7. Miracles happen in this world, they take time to happen
8. Focus and empower yourself to action
9. Be prepared to walk the distance
10. Continue the walk and never give up.

Remember, our entire life is controlled by beliefs and values. The past does not mean that future will be the same unless we still live there. Do not fear to fail and do not fear to change. It makes us a stronger person at the end. How strange is it that the most important battlefield to conquer is in the inside. We can only win this battle if we want to win it and we prepare ourselves to conquer!

I have reinforced myself of these new beliefs about RA: It must be changed and I must change it now and I can change it now! (And I believe you should too!)

Last but not least, ask yourself: What are the beliefs or convictions that you hold with living a life with Rheumatoid Arthritis? If you let go of these beliefs or convictions, how will your life transform and what benefits can you gain by empowering yourself with new beliefs of options and possibilities for making new choices?

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