Detoxification after Amalgams Removal – What to Do to Prevent Mercury Intoxication

Remember how I say that the mere acts of removing amalgams from the mouth are not just the end of it in my previous post? There are actually a lot more to do following that procedure.

For many people suffering from adverse side effects of chronic mercury poisoning, it is no longer enough to just minimize the exposure to mercury vapours during amalgam removal, for us, we must take a mercury detoxification program to get the results we seek – an improvement in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Additionally, I also advocate one that takes into account our emotions, our physical well being, as well as the way we fend ourselves and feel supported – that is, a wholistic approach.
Feeling Well

Detoxification can only be successful when the body and mind are in an adequate balance. Stress at home or work, lack of rest, poor dietary lifestyle, smoking habits, emotional grief – are just some factors that can all seriously harm this detoxification process .

Mercury Detoxification Protocol

Supplementation and Nutritional Support

1. Keep Bowel Movements Regular
Once a day bowel movement is good but twice a day will be better. If possible, thrice a day will be absolutely great! Our bowel should be functioning properly while detoxing for mercury because bowel is one of the major pathways for toxins elimination. A good fiber shall help to achieve this.

CLEANSE is a potent combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers for the cleaning and maintenance of your bowel systems; it is also fortified with chlorophyll and probiotics for additional powerful detoxification action without any side effects.


2. Chlorella or Cryptomonadales
Chlorella algae is a main agent used in detoxification process, as it is used to bind and remove toxic metals from the body. This supplementation should be taken with meals for the first week starting from small doses, divided throughout the day. Remember to take it at the maximum comfortable tolerance level because a high dosage may cause nausea, headache and heartburn for some people.

For my detox program, I used CRYPTOMONADALES, a unique formulation of green algae, a over single cell organism similar to the human red blood cell. Average cell size is 2-8 micron, and has a thin cell wall which allow 95% digestibility within 1 to 2 hours. It is complete with phytonutrients, rare minerals and therapeutic components: PPAR,  Phycocyanin, CGF (Chlorella/Cell Growth Factor), anti-oxidant, chlorophyll and complete nutrient spectrum.


3. L-Glutathione (GSH) & N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
Glutathione (GSH), our body’s most important antioxidant, plays a critical role in neutralizing harmful free radicals and protecting our body from toxic substances by removing mercury. As it takes two molecules of glutathione to escort one atom of mercury out of the body, loss of this antioxidant is accelerated as our body is trying to deal with significant amount of mercury that is accumulated over time.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is itself a powerful antioxidant, but its greater value lies in the fact that it increases our body’s production of glutathione.

Together, NAC and GSH are crucial for neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation as NAC supports GSH production which also helps to fight gum infections by supporting our immune system.


4. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant and mercury chelator, soluble in both fat and water. As mercury has a high affinity for fatty tissue, this makes ALA one of the most important body’s naturally produced chelators of mercury for removing mercury from the brain. ALA also serves to restore other important antioxidants, Vitamin C, selenium; and fight infection and inflammation.


5. Vitamin C
Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is another powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system, neutralize free radicals and enhances body’s ability to remove mercury from the blood. It is known to be paramount to the health of connective tissues, of which gums are made of,  through reducing inflammation and decreasing healing time.

Prescribing Biochemist’s Vitamin C and Hesperidin powder was the product recommended to me. It contains calcium phosphate that acts a buffer and prevent the teeth from the acidity of the ascorbic acid.

Vit C

6. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a heat extract from chlorella that concentrates certain peptides, proteins and other ingredients. These have known to make detox experience easier, shorter and more effective. CGF is an ingredient in the product CRYPTOMONADALES recommended above, hence, I do not see any needs to supplement CGF separately.

7. Chelation
Chelation refers to administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.

The particular chelation agent I used for my detox is HMD DMSO. This gentle liquid chelator removes heavy metals, including mercury from the body. The formula contains nutrient-packed superfood chlorella, herb cilantro, CGF, chlorella pyrenoidosa, deionized water, vegetable glycerin.

8. Probiotics
Probiotics is said to be an adjuvant to detoxification protocol. In its simplest term, it means ‘for life’, probiotics are small cultures of good bacteria normally found in our body, particularly our GI tract. They help to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, helping to improve digestion and absorptions of vitamins. In addition to optimizing bowel flora for working at peak performance, essential for detoxification, probiotics also stimulate and strengthen the immune system which is often weakened by mercury poisoning.


Inclusion of Other Actions to Follow in my Mercury Detox Protocol

1. Commitment to healthier balanced lifestyle choices and diet
I commit myself to a good diet, daily intake of 8 to 10 glasses of Kangan water or pure water, regular exercise, avoidance of smoking, sunlight, fresh air, relaxation to achieve a total wellness in a wholistic approach.

In terms of food allergies or sensitivities that are usually associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, these are managed along with elimination of all pro-inflammatory foods (regardless of whether they are causing allergic/intolerant responses) such as dairy, gluten, sugar and processed foods.

Protein plays an important role in the provision of sulphur bearing amino acids, which greatly facilitate detoxification. Do NOT attempt to fast during mercury detoxification. If you are a vegetarian you will be at HIGH risk for complications from detoxification unless you have to eat a large amount of protein.

2. Add garlic and cilantro to my daily diet
I was advised to start on garlic regularly to enhance sulphur stores, which oxidize and make mercury and other heavy metals water soluble, so that it is easy for these substances to be excreted. Anyway, I love garlic and I use them in my food all the time, so this isn’t too hard a task for me. For those whose diet does not involve garlic most of the time, you may consume it in the form of supplements.

GarlicCilantro, on the other hand, will help to mobilize mercury out of the issue so that Chlorella can attach to it and allow it to be excreted from our body. This is a very strong chelator and must be taken half an hour before consumption of the Chlorella supplements. Chinese has known to be a favourite consumer of cilantro, where we typically use these herbs for spicing up our soups and condiments for many dishes.
Cilantro3. Far infra-red (FIR) Sauna
Our skin is a vast organ and a good channel for detoxification. Far infrared sauna, if consistently used, allows the body to eliminate toxic mercury through inducing perspiration. FIR waves penetrate the body deeply and activate the adipose tissues to sweat out toxins. The only downside for use of FIR sauna is the associated cost of each visit. Purchasing a good one for your own use will also usually cost around USD1,500 to start with.

For me, of course, I choose to pay visits twice a week to the nearest FIR bedrock bath center around my neighbourhood. I commit myself with a prepayment of a course of 15 visits for a price over a three months course. This way, there is no excuse at all to skip the chance of “pampering” myself.
FIR Sauna4. Dry skin brushing
I also make use of a long handled bath-type brush with natural vegetable bristles to brush your skin during my detox program. The brush must be kept dry at all times and is not supposed to be used for bathing. The duration of skin brushing usually takes some 4 to 5 minutes long and I will feel stimulating and invigorating after each session.

Dry Brush5. Detox clay bath or foot soak
Mercury produces a wide range of disorders but especially creates behavioral disruptions within the neurological system. If going for a FIR sauna is too expensive for you, doing a detox clay bath or foot soak at home is another effective yet inexpensive way for ridding toxic metals from the body.

A very popular clay for this purpose, which I use for myself is the LL’s Magnetic Clay Bath, a non-invasive therapy that features a unique bentonite clay, synergistically combined with volcanic ash and a customized blend of herbs and spices. The particular detox kit appropriate for amalgam removal is its Mercury Detox I kit. The kit is packaged in bulk enough for 10 one-cup baths per kit.

ClayContents of each kit: 5 lbs. of clay, 8 pages of graphic, step-by-step instructions, 2 packets of herbal teas, info flyer on pH with 10 pH test strips, fiberglass tub screen, and a flat plastic drain lid.
Mixing ClayUnfortunately, as I was tested very acidic as per my pH strip result, I can only settle for a foot soak instead of a whole body bath.

6. Good oral gum and teeth care

(a) Timely professional cleaning – scaling and polishing
I make it a point to set a reminder for making appointments for professional cleaning bi-annually. A deep cleaning can effectively remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line through scrap away (scaling) and smoothing the rough spots removes bacteria and provides a clean surface for the gums to reattach to the teeth (polishing).
Dental followup(b) Daily brushing, interdental brushing, flossing and applying mouthwash
Daily brushing – Twice a day is a minimum necessary for maintaining a good oral health. If plague continues to build up, it will feed on the food debris left behind and cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Interdental brushing – This is a way to clean between teeth. Interdental brush is a small brush that can be held between the thumb and fingers and is available in various sizes. Usually more than one size is needed to effectively clean the spaces between the teeth.

Flossing – Removes plague and food particles or debris lodged in between the teeth and gaps of our teeth. A proper flossing techniques must be understood and applied for a thorough cleaning.

Regular mouthwash/oral rinse – For treating gingivitis or periodontal (gum) problem, I use this particular mouthwash which contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate, because it can significantly reduce plague bacteria and prevent the development of gingivitis. Chlorhexidine gluconate has a positive chemical charge; it is attracted to the negative charge on certain bacteria in the mouth. This attraction affects the bacterial cell membrane and causes increased permeability for immediate antimicrobial activity. Chlorhexidine gluconate is also attracted to negatively charged surfaces on oral tissue. This additional attraction gives chlorhexidine gluconate a sustained action that can help prevent the formation of plaque.

(c) Always use a fluoride free toothpaste at all times
Last but not least, I change all my toothpastes from one of fluoride to a fluoride free. Fluoride is highly toxic and before it is known as a ‘cavity fighter’, it was widely used as insecticide and rat poison. That is why it is not hard to see why fluoride can actually do more harm than good. Further, as a pollutant, it is a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing.

A good alternative that can advantageously replace fluoride lies with choosing a toothpaste that contains Xylitol. Xylitol has been experimentally proven to be able to fight cavities due to its anti-bacterial properties. They protect teeth and make them stronger; even consumption of it results in re-mineralization or strengthening of tooth enamel.

When will a Mercury-Related RA Problem be Resolved?
It may not be what you will like to hear but I have to be honest in saying that no one can provide a definite answer to this question. It is necessary to take as long as it will take for the body to remove all mercury traces. If we have been extremely mercury toxic and our body’s ability to remove it is severely weakened, it is not uncommon to take years to elimination the excessive burden of mercury.

If this is the case, you would probably ask, for what you should go into such an effort to remove your amalgams? Why not just leave them as they are? Well, perhaps you should think deeper and consider that if you do not remove the source of mercury in your body, your body will continue to accumulate more mercury toxins and your efforts of preventing mercury related symptoms and diseases from manifesting will be wasted.

You will certainly feel better and see improvements in your health that relates to mercury accumulation once you have eliminated enough of these storage. With less future exposure to mercury, your body will better support all efforts to remove them in a shortened and more effective manner. I encourage you to be patient with this process because it takes time to remove mercury from the body and it takes time to repair the damages caused by them.

Heavy metal detoxification is not only a MUST after amalgams removal but it has to be done carefully and correctly. Be sure to continue with detoxification until all symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are removed. For some people, it may take as long as 3 years for completion. It is therefore necessary to test yourself again for the heavy metal screening to determine your level of mercury exposure and you will be glad to see when the result indicates that your body is becoming less burdened each day!


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    Has your RA now improved?

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    How long did you take to See results after removal? Did u going into healing crisis after removal


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