Constipation – A Common Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptom – Originates in the Colon

Death Begins in the Colon

Colon Cleanse

The warning “Death begins in the colon” has been ascribed to Dr Bernard Jensen who is also referred to as the “Father of Colonics”.

The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain, comprising some 57 leading physicians, reported that nearly every contemporary chronic disease is related to poisons in the colon.

In order to have good health, we need to ensure we have good and clean blood. Blood is the current of life and essential of healthy body and mind. Without a clean colon, a clean blood is not possible because impurities of the body are often leaking into our blood and forced upon internal organs when they are not eliminated accordingly.

Can Constipation Kill You? The Answer is Yes.

Here are some famous quotes that warn that constipation is hazardous to your health:

“Every disease, no matter what name it is known by medical science, is constipation” ~ Prof Arnold Ehret
“All cancer patients are victims of chronic constipation” ~ Dr J H Kellogg
“The individual is deliberately seeking illness just so long as he permits constipation to exist” ~ Fred Hirsch

Stomach pain

Nearly everyone living in modern society today is constipated, whether they know it or not. Yes, constipated even though the bowels may move regularly everyday and yes, even people with chronic diarrhea suffer from one form of constipation.

An average person may never had a non-mucoid stool since one can remember. If you think that one bowel movement per day that passes from your body within 10 minutes is satisfactory bowel function, then you are wrong. Anytime it takes 10 minutes to complete a bowel movement, you are constipated. The feces are probably of a sticky, mucoid nature and have left one more layer of residue inside the colon as they passed through. One that takes several minutes to complete may be due to presence of old fecal matter in the colon.


If constipation can kill you, what is it doing to you before you die eventually? Imagine when a cesspool of decaying matter and putrefactive matters that linger longer than they should in the colon, autointoxication happens. The body is literally poisoning itself by the toxins released by the decay process that are getting into the bloodstream and travel to all parts of the body.

Healthy & Unhealthy Colon

The consequences of colon toxins, from the accumulating, rotting debris, colon parasites, attached to the wall of a sluggish colon, damaging your body, stealing your food, poisoning your body with their wastes are going to make you sick before it kills you.  Many of these patients have bad halitosis, body odor, etc.  “When a person becomes ill from colon disease, he or she may develop a variety of symptoms, including headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or cardiovascular disease.” William L. Cowden, M.D., internist, classical specialist in internal medicine cardiologist.

The reasons why the colon is one of the most diseased organs of the body are quite similar to factors talked about in my previous posts. They include but not limited to:

  • Over-consumption of sugary foods and processed foods that are capable of feeding yeasts and pathological organisms.
  • Eating poor quality foods that are not only lacking fibers, essential nutrients, multivitamins, multiminerals and phytonutrients, but contaminated with herbicide and pesticides that can damage the intestine.
  • Improper eating habits and low levels of digestive enzymes in the intestine that cause undigested food particles to putrify in the colon.
  • Presence of parasites and infection in the colon, such as yeasts, worms, etc.
  • Overuse of antibiotics destroy normal and healthy flora of the colon, other than many other medical drugs that are toxic to our GI.
  • Ignoring the call of nature to pass motion due to hurried lifestyles, etc.

An essential step to take with respect to promoting and maintaining the process that sustains and heals your body should therefore also start with the cleansing of the colon.

What Makes An Effective Colon Cleansing Program

There are three components of an effective colon cleansing program if you want to successfully remove all stagnant materials from the colon, namely:

(1) Stop or decrease the ongoing production of mucoid in the alimentary tract
The magnitude of mucoid produce needs to be controlled so that more energy is reserved towards dissolving any old and hardened mucoid glued inside the colon, and colon cleansing will proceed at its maximum possible rate.

(2) Loosen the stagnant material
There are three very useful agents for loosening stagnant materials in our colon:

(a) Coffee, used rectally
(b) Bentonite and clay
(c) Water

(3) Remove the loosened material
Colon cleansing will proceed more quickly if we remove old feces as soon as they begin to loosen using psyllium husks. They swell enormously with water, forming a bulky jellylike medium that is great for absorbing large quantities of sticky and gluey mucoid while retaining its slippery, lubricating nature.

My Choice of Colon Cleansing Program – Robert Gray Intestinal Cleaning Program

Unhealthy foods and eating habits lead to a depletion of healthy bacteria. When this takes place, difficult to pass or infrequent stools may result, together with seemingly unrelated effects caused by toxins from harmful micro-organisms circulating throughout the body.

Robert Gray programWith the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program it is possible to remove this accumulation of stagnant waste material which otherwise would never leave the body. Many people who have performed this program have experienced extensive improvements in vigour, vitality and overall health. This program:

  • Promotes the health-enhancing bacteria to multiply faster than the intestinal cleansing process can remove them.
  • Avoids the use of fasting.
  • Requires only a few minutes per day.
  • Is suitable for long-term use along with diets.
  • Can be performed continuously on a day-by-day basis until the intestinal tract is completely cleansed.

I purchased my own set of Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program program from its Singapore distributor which is the nearest to the region I’m living (ie Asia).

Colon Cleanse

While the look is somewhat different, but the ingredients are technically the same. You may purchase online from or locate the nearest distributors near you, where you can locate them from Holistic Horizons.

Here’s How I Started My Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program



Expectations from the Program

After getting started on the program, I had witnessed the following:

  • An increase in quantity or frequency of my bowel movements.
  • A different or rather, stronger odour of my bowel movements that is characteristic of putrefied materials that have been inside my colon for a long time.
  • The presence of irregular shapes in your bowel movements, suggestive of possibility of parasites in the bowel movements.

My Advices

If you intend to perform a deep colon cleanse like I did, I strongly suggest that you stay on the program until your colon is fully cleansed for maximum and optimal result. At the end of the cleanse, you should no longer notice any dark-coloured stools, frequent of bowel movement should decrease to the norm, and the shape of the stools should now be cylindrical and smooth.

A total cleanse will be expected to take about three months for an average person. It is a good idea to re-continue the program for the next two years after at least a 5 months interval.

While this is done, remember to continue eating healthily with a diet that are non-mucoid forming and one that is anti-inflammatory. For those of us with RA, it is also necessary to take those nutritional supplements even when we are doing the program.

Even if you choose to perform the other colon cleanse program (one of many available) out there, it can work equally well for you. A lot of times, it is not about availability or choices of these detox programs, but it is about whether you will actually commit yourself to perform this detoxification in the first place and whether you can stick with the program long enough to detox appropriately? What are your motivations for doing yourself this favour? And what are the factors that prevent you from trying out any colon detox program? Please share.





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